Show Low Community Information

Surrounded by the breathtaking wonders of the White Mountains, the Sitgreaves National Forest and the Apache Indian Reservation, Show Low residents are privy to some of the prettiest sites in the world on any given day. Sunrises through snow-covered mountain passes, sunsets over shimmering lakes and the changing of colors from season to season are just a few examples of the beauty that awaits those considering a move to the area.

The entire region is famous for its outdoor recreational activities. So much so that in 1996 the White Mountain Trail system, a network of over 180 miles of developed multi-use trails, was ranked the third best trail system in 1996 by the American Hiking Association. Hunting and fishing are also popular activities, and picnic and camping facilities are provided throughout the area. The Apache reservation alone has more than 300 miles of streams and 26 major lakes filled with rainbow, brown and brook trout in addition to several other types of fish.

Nearby towns in addition to Pinetop and Lakeside include Snowflake and the town of Taylor. Taylor lies in an area of great contrast with barren desert to the north and mountain ranges to the south. The Petrified Forest National Park is one of the nation's most unique parks. Within the Petrified Forest is the Painted Desert and the Navajo Indian Reservation with such attractions as Monument Valley and Oraibi, the oldest continually occupied village in the United States. With so many interesting cultural attraction located within and near Show Low, it is easy to see why this city makes for such an outstanding tourist destination. In doing so, the revenues generated from tourism are pumped back into the local economy, which has had a positive effect on the city's growth and continued development over recent decades. Most notably, this growth is evident in the region's education system.

Modern and progressive describe the three school districts in the region. Snowflake Unified, Blue Ridge and the Show Low School Districts have grown consistently, year after year in enrollment and quality standards. Computer science, graphic arts and technology skills as well as academic basics are given high priority by each district. The small size of the schools allows most students to gain experience in leadership and performance. The three high schools have excelled both academically and athletically. Lastly, a low drop out rate combined with a high number of graduates who go onto college demonstrates the high standards of success the region's schools are experiencing.

Major employers in Show Low include APS, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, Holiday Inn, Keams Canyon Indian Hospital, Peabody Coal Company, Northland Pioneer College and the Navapache Hospital. Major industries include tourism, recreation, manufacturing, commerce and retail. The city has 12 hotels with over 600 rooms, a municipal airport with two runways and a host of access roads and highways such as Highway 60 or Route 77, linking the residents of Show Low to the outside world.